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What Have I Found in the Attic

Ana Lekše

Every once in a while you find yourself up there. In the Attic, where you “meet” lost and forgotten dreams, memories and find things, that have been dusty for a while. Sometimes  takes you decades before you dare to face them again and let yourself to feel what you have felt. I decided to go there, to climb to my Attic. To walk, run, observe, explore and open my memories again - like Pandora’s box – and take them with me to continue my way.  At the end of the day, at the end of the rope the decision is always yours. Could you be there for me?

In memorial to my grandfather.


Performer and maker: Ana Lekše

Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač

Music: Duo Silence, Katalena, Marko Brdnik, Uroš Rakovec

Coproduction: Zavod Bufeto

Photography: Sunčan Stone and Drago Videmšek

Year: 2020

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