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Pieter Janssens

A collective group of a visual artist, a fashion designer, a director, an areal dancer.

A musical outdoor event made together with the Vaartkater neighborhood committee and a few students from St-Lucas. Because let's face it, outside and in nature, apart from any threat, the all-encompassing feeling of freedom remains fortunately present.

The concept and creation of the music boat are by visual artist Pieter Janssens and completely built with recycled material, a rowing boat from the 1970s forms the basis. An artist with an eagle eye to give existing materials or constructions its own angle.

Numerous musicians of different genres sail with this music boat on Flemish rivers and castle ponds.

Aerialist: Ana Lekše
Musicians: Various musicians

Concept and making of the boat: Pieter Janssens
Costumes: Kartien Nijs, Ana Lekše

Photography and video: Iwona Pom

Year: 2022
Facebook: Bat'O

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