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Bad Choices

Vermeil Ensemble - Ana Lekše - Josse De Broeck


Performance follows the story of a soldier who finds himself entangled by a deal with the Devil. Discover what his decisions lead him to, while witnessing the artists leaving their comfort zone in this performance, where nothing serves just a single purpose. And all of that - while listening to the great music of Igor Stravinsky. Young musicians and circus artists collaborate for the first time in the creation process of this new performance. As performers, they are really 

attracted to sharing this story using their artistic tools. The collaboration brings to each of them new challenges and new ways to consider their art.

Performers and makers: Noémie Saintandré, Marguerite Neves, Nora Gabrovska(Vermeil Ensemble​),

Ana Lekše, Josse De Broeck(Familiar Faces)

Music: Igor Stravinsky

Photography: Ron Walker

Year: 2021(Work in progress)

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